Childbirth Preparation and Breathing Techniques Course

BIRTH WITH CONFIDENCE Childbirth and Breathing Techniques Classes are based on “The Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices”, “Active Birth” and “Hypnobirthing” and “Birth With No Regret” Philosophies. They are well organized, making learning easy, effective and fun.

Completing 12 hours of Birth With Confidence Childbirth Classes you will;

Learn physiology and the hormonal orchestration of pregnancy and birth

Know how the labor begins, what to do step by step

Create a birthing environment that you will feel safer and more comfortable

Overcome the birth fear

Widen your knowledge and vision on Natural Comfort Measures

Practice Active Birth Positions & Breathing Techniques

Have Evidence-Based Information about the common interventions during the birth (vacuum, epidural, etc) and the cesarean (advantages&disadvantages)

Learn the imagery exercises for a peaceful pregnancy and birth

Increase your awareness of the magical hours

Have information about the Dutch Maternity Services

Have the confidence and the necessary tools to help you make well-informed decisions about your birth.

  • Handouts & Materials
  • Tea, Coffee and Healthy Snacks
  • Insurance Reimbursement Letter
  • Contact with me throughout and after the course by e-mail, whatsapp, telephone

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