Childbirth Preparation Course

My wife and I attended intensive childbirth preparation course from Aysegul Demir Corlu. The course consisted of 3 sessions of 4 hours each on Saturdays from 10.00 o’clock to 14.00 o’clock (1st, 8th and 15th of December 2018). We found it very time efficient. Personally, I prefer to complete such a training in 3 weeks rather than 12 weeks.  At 14.00 o’clock Saturday you are ready to enjoy your weekend. These course included information regarding the complete birthing process, interactive games, question sessions with a 15 minute break that involved some drinks and fruits and tasty croissants. In the games there were more than 50 cards which included medical and non-medical terms regarding the childbirth which I have never heard about and learned during the class.

About the Doula

Aysegul is a very resourceful professional and during the process she replied to every question with evidence-based information.  She has invested in herself a lot that she has several certificates as a birth professional. She can give massages, aromatherapy, musical therapy etc. After the childbirth preparation course, we decided to have Aysegul as our doula to get the maximum support we could get from a professional both emotionally and physically. She advises us to make our research and share our preferences and needs with the medical personel and collaborate with the medical personel  in the decision-making process. She does not make medical decisions, which is a green flag for a doula selection. She is also a mother which helps her understand the birthing process from the mother’s perspective.

Doula Experience and the Price

I strongly encourage parents to have a doula (specifically Aysegul) present at the birth especially a one that is kind, knowledgeable and caring  for our needs as parents. She visited us several times giving the mother relaxing massages, teaching the father also some relaxing massage techniques to help the mother. She answered all our questions sufficiently. She also brought tea which supports the preparation of the uterus for the delivery. During these visits, she also advised us to have a birth plan to be provided to the hospital, which is very important. The birth plan is a set of conditions that the mother wants on the day of the birth from the hospital in our case. This plan is later represented to midwife with the presence of Aysegul and approved. Some of these choices are very important for the mother as they include choices such as whether to have constant monitoring of the baby, episiotomie etc.

Day of Labor

Our baby was not born up until week 40 and 5 days. Aysegul came and performed acupressure-foot massage. The massage ended at 11pm and the labor started at 11.30. We were holding our baby in our arms at 2.23 am. So, thanks to Aysegul’s acupressure-foot massage we had a natural birth, 1 day before the planned induced labor in the hospital.

Please research for oxytocin. Birth time is really affected by the hormones which could be highly affected by a professional on your side that can make massages and relax you emotionally. Moreover, after the birth, she stayed with us for hours and in the next morning she drove to our house and bring necessary baby stuff from our house which we skipped like the 2nd set of clothes.


It was worth every single penny. First of all

  • She does not charge per hour
  • Unlike other doulas, you can call her any time you want any week, not only limited to last 2 weeks or month. (Yes even 4am in the morning any week is very welcome)
  • Labor can last 16 hours, during which she will give you support the whole time.
  • During the pregnancy period she gave us aromatherapy oils, birth balls, relaxing massages.
  • She thought us some massage techniques, breathing techniques.
And the most important,

As a Dad to be I did not have any fear or stress but only a calm excitement due to having one of the best doulas out there for my wife, my unborn child and myself in the most meaningful day of my life. This is priceless, which also pushed me to write this reference only to pay back for all the things she has done during the process.