Ayşegül Demir Çorlu
Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator
Birth Doula

Ayşegül has taught me to trust my body and to focus on pregnancy and birth.  Thanks to her friendly and supportive attitude, I had birth to my dreams.



As a Dad to be, I did not have any fear or stress but only a calm excitement due to having one of the best doulas out there for my wife, my unborn child and myself in the most meaningful day of my life. This is priceless.


My journey to motherhood had begun with “fear”. But it didn’t last long. When we were 15 weeks pregnant, I’ve decided to join pregnancy yoga classes in order to keep myself calm and relaxed during pregnancy and to have an easier birth. Besides yoga, I joined “Birth With No Regret” Childbirth Preparation and Breathing Techniques Course with my spouse. As I’ve started to learn more about my body, pregnancy, and childbirth, I felt more confident and strong about the birthing process. By the time I accepted the uncertainties in the birthing process, I prepared myself for all the possibilities in this way. I knew the possibilities, I knew my options and I was ready for the birth.

Having a joyful birth experience, I understood that birth workers’ help and care was very precious to a woman and her family. Midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, birth therapists, doctors and nurses, each birth worker had a remarkable effect on the well-being of mother and baby. It was one of the greatest things that I could do to nurture myself while nurturing the others.

So I chose to become a childbirth educator to heal the fear of birth by knowledge and practice. As a childbirth educator, I offer information and guidance to expectant parents through their birth journey. Once the expectant parents begin to free themselves from their fears, they had a big change in their lives. They are reborn by the birth experience.

Birth was a real mystery for me and as a couple we were super worried and concerned before we met Aysegul. With her deep knowledge and expertise, relaxing tone i was able to find all the answers to my questions and all my concerns flew away. She has been so supportive and caring all the time. I feel super lucky to know her and recommend her to everyone who needs support to get ready for the birth. 


I believe that little things make this life enjoyable.  Thus small changes or even a small touch could make a huge difference to labor. Then I become a doula. I support women before and during their birth experience. I like accompanying women having birth, I feel very happy and complete when I support them. I am always by their side, with all my attention, with my words, with my breathing, with my unconditional love, with my non-judgemental stance, and with my hands.

If I can be of assistance or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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